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ConnectWise launches robotic process automation, unified management and AI security solutions

Remote information technology management solutions firm ConnectWise LLC today made a series of announcements at its IT Nation Connect event aimed at reimagining how technology service providers operate, including new tools and platforms that are intended to enhance efficiency, security and management capabilities within the IT sector.

Leading the list is the introduction of ConnectWise’s Robotic Process Automation within its Asio platform, signifying a leap toward hyper-automation. The integration allows technology service providers, or TSPs, to increase operational efficiency by automating complex, repetitive tasks. The solution streamlines operations and combats the issue of labor cost inflation by deploying software robots that mimic human interactions within digital systems, the company says.

ConnectWise has evolved its traditional Remote Monitoring and Management into what the company now calls Unified Monitoring and Management. The transition reflects a significant expansion in monitoring capabilities from ConnectWise, extending beyond the network to include cloud and backup services. Said to be more than just a name change, the upgrade showcases ConnectWise’s advanced artificial intelligence-assisted PowerShell scripting and automated ticketing systems.

Cybersecurity was also a theme in today’s announcements, with ConnectWise announcing the SaaS Security Workflow Engine and bolstering its security information and event management features. The enhancements provide service providers with advanced alerting and incident response, particularly for Microsoft 365 environments, focusing on delivering robust security measures more efficiently, ensuring that their clients’ digital assets remain protected.

Not least, ConnectWise debuted Sidekick, an AI companion for TSPs. Designed to automate complex tasks, aid in rapid problem resolution and streamline processes, it provides immediate assistance across business management solutions and unified monitoring and management product lines.

ConnectWise says its reimagined solutions signify a substantial leap forward for TSPs, with an array of innovative tools necessary for the modern digital landscape. “Imagine a world where manual tasks fade and customer issues are met with seamless responses and without the need to add more resources,” said Chief Technology Officer Raghu Ram Bongula.

Image: ConnectWise

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