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Data solutions, a new transportation management system, and freight tech integrations

Data solutions, a new transportation management system, and freight tech integrations

00:00 This week’s CCJ Tech Shorts will highlight a new tech solution that uses automated machine learning to cleanse and structure raw data from freight documents into digestible information. We’ll also take a look at a new transportation management system for vehicle shippers and two freight tech integrations.

00:31 DDC FPO, which provides business process outsourcing and technology solutions for the transportation and logistics industries, has added a new solution to its platform.

Its new auto-extraction and structuring solution engages automated machine learning technology to cleanse and structure raw data from freight documents into vital information, applies client business rules, and transmits information via application programming interfaces or APIs to the client’s preferred system – and this is done within seconds of receipt. The solution also intelligently learns with each document processed allowing for continuous refinement of the solution’s processing capabilities.

Auto-extraction and structuring delivers precise and timely data seamlessly to customers’ preferred information management systems. Some benefits include:

• Addressing the challenge of consolidating data from diverse sources, including emails, PDFs, images, invoices, paper files, contracts and more

• Providing superior service by proactively routing shipments, optimizing capacity, and invoicing customers accurately

• Increasing profitability by streamlining collection processes and reducing administrative time, errors and costs

• Continuous improvement and growth by intelligently learning with each document for ongoing refinement and increased speed without human intervention

DDC FPO Chief Information Officer Richard Greening said, “Today, companies are inundated with a staggering 80% to 90% of unstructured data … That 80-90% slows down operations. We are committed to removing that burden from our clients’ teams.”

02:12 Automotive logistics-as-a-service platform Acertus has released a new transportation management system for vehicle shippers that offers real-time GPS tracking, advanced digital inspection data, automated reporting and custom data visualization.

Powered by machine learning and seamless connectivity with Acertus’ digitally-enabled transport network, this platform solves for a lack of location transparency as the asset moves through the supply chain.

Acertus CEO Trent Broberg said, “Modern-day technology makes it incredibly easy to track the products we order online throughout the delivery process, yet there are still significant blind spots when it comes to shipping cars. Our new Transportation Management System drives the industry forward by empowering shippers with real-time vehicle visibility, modernizing the process and eliminating guesswork.”

The TMS also simplifies and streamlines auto shipping with instant quotes, single and multi-VIN ordering, standard and expedited shipping rates, and API connectivity for seamless integration with existing operating systems.

03:20 Trinium, a Transportation Management System solutions provider for drayage operations in North America, has joined forces with BlueCargo, a platform that monitors, forecasts and mitigates demurrage and detention charges at the port.

The partnership aims to integrate and monitor all container activities and movements in real time, including late fees.

This collaboration embodies three pivotal values:

• Operational efficiency by integrating technology that streamlines container management for optimal resource use and enhanced sustainability.

• Financial impact mitigation by addressing detention and demurrage challenges with a system that recovers up to 75% of disputable per diem invoices, significantly reducing processing time.

• And data-driven decision-making. The integration of Trinium’s TMS and BlueCargo’s technology empowers smarter container management, reducing costs and improving operational performance.

04:17 WARP, a tech-powered freight network specializing in middle-mile solutions, has integrated with Banyan Technology, a provider of freight execution software for real-time rating and execution of all over-the-road or OTR shipments.

This integration enables Banyan’s LIVE Connect platform to expand OTR carrier rating and execution inside users’ Transportation Management Systems across the Truckload (TL), Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), Local Carrier and Parcel modes. This helps reduce the number of additional carrier logins and keystrokes needed to execute and manage shipments.

With access to WARP’s technology, Banyan shippers can now unlock additional LTL capacity, with faster delivery times, lower costs and fewer damages. Banyan clients are now able to access WARP’s network that includes a new type of LTL fleet, including sedans/SUVs, 53-footers, box trucks, and cargo vans. The partnership also offers clients insights into which carriers will work best for them to enhance transparency and data flow through the entire supply chain.