Home Advertising ID5 Collaborates with Microsoft Advertising to Empower Publishers to Embrace the Cookieless Era

ID5 Collaborates with Microsoft Advertising to Empower Publishers to Embrace the Cookieless Era

ID5 Collaborates with Microsoft Advertising to Empower Publishers to Embrace the Cookieless Era

ID5, the identity solution specialist, today (September 20th, 2023) announced a new collaboration with Microsoft Advertising using Microsoft Monetise, one of the largest supply platforms in the industry. 

Microsoft Monetise is now distributing the ID5 ID, the most adopted ID on the publisher side according to independent source sincera.io, to better support their publishers’ addressability goals. The collaboration aims to empower publishers as they navigate the challenges of the cookieless era while enhancing their ability to effectively monetise audiences. 

With the impending phasing out of third-party cookies and the growing emphasis on user privacy, publishers face the critical task of finding innovative ways to deliver personalised ads without compromising consumer trust. In response to this challenge, Universal IDs have emerged as a key alternative to empower publishers to navigate cookieless environments effectively. Supply-side platforms play an integral role in the adoption of Universal IDs, by aiding media owners to generate demand for cookieless traffic and distributing Universal IDs to the buy side.  

This collaboration empowers publishers using Microsoft Monetise to enhance the addressability of their cookieless inventory, thereby increasing its appeal to potential buyers. This will enable media owners to bolster their monetisation efforts today in cookieless environments like Safari, while simultaneously preparing for the anticipated sunset of cookies in Chrome by 2024.

As consumer concerns around privacy grow, it is imperative to develop and implement alternatives that put data protection at the forefront. ID5’s Universal ID was designed with the GDPR in mind. In practice, this cookieless identifier respects users’ privacy preferences and enforces them in the advertising value chain. ID5’s universal ID encryption mechanism also ensures that publishers’ data is protected and only accessible by their monetisation partners.

“The collaboration with Microsoft Advertising is set to further increase the availability of the ID5 in Microsoft Monetise enabling more buyers to access publishers’ valuable audiences in Safari and Firefox today and across all browsers in 2024,” said Mathieu Roche, co-founder and CEO at ID5. “We want to equip publishers with the tools they need to confidently embrace the cookieless landscape, and build valuable audience connections with integrity,” added Roche.

Ewa Maciukiewicz, principal group product manager, Microsoft added, “The collaboration with ID5 reinforces our commitment to empowering publishers with solutions that align with evolving consumer privacy expectations. With Microsoft Monetise, we are keen to deliver impactful solutions that cater to both the present and future privacy-centric advertising landscape.”

The ID5 and Microsoft Advertising collaboration signals a new era that aims to drive growth, innovation, and sustainability within the digital advertising ecosystem. Publishers can anticipate a seamless transition to the cookieless landscape and a renewed ability to connect with their audiences while respecting their privacy.