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Leveling Up Digital Marketing with Awin

Leveling Up Digital Marketing with Awin


Global affiliate marketing platform Awin has unveiled enhanced features aimed at providing a new digital marketing ecosystem to tackle the challenges faced by brands and online publishers across the globe. As major tech firms dominate the advertising landscape and brands demand greater transparency, these improvements present innovative solutions that enable brands to regain authority over their advertising expenditure, establish long-standing marketing partnerships, and increase revenue. Awin’s platform incorporates cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights to optimize campaigns, ensuring brands and publishers get a more significant return on investment from their advertising efforts. This not only empowers businesses to take control of their marketing strategies but also fosters a collaborative environment that nurtures growth and sustainability in a competitive marketplace.

Market Challenges

Currently, nearly 75% of the worldwide digital advertising expenditure is directed towards three primary technology platforms. These platforms’ market supremacy and auction-based models have resulted in businesses grappling with soaring costs and limited control over investment allocation. As a consequence, many companies are actively exploring alternative advertising avenues that allow for better cost management and decision-making autonomy. This growing interest in diversifying advertising channels may pave the way for more innovative and cost-effective solutions in the digital marketing landscape.

Transparency Issues

In light of this, a recent study by the US Association of National Advertisers (ANA) disclosed that 23% of brand expenditure in programmatic is being squandered, emphasizing the transparency problems in the sector. This wasteful spending amounts to a minimum of $20 billion, which is a third more than the estimated global affiliate industry investment by brands this year. The findings highlight the need for companies to scrutinize their programmatic ad investments and carefully assess the transparency and accountability of those managing the expenditures. By addressing these concerns, advertisers can optimize their marketing strategies and potentially recover billions of dollars that are currently being lost due to inefficiencies and lack of oversight in the industry.

Awin’s Solution

Identifying the need for an alternative option, Awin has enhanced its platform to directly cater to ecommerce brands seeking a flexible and transparent advertising solution that empowers them to attain their marketing objectives within a highly competitive setting. As a result, the newly improved platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools that allows ecommerce brands to design and execute efficient advertising campaigns effectively while keeping full control over their promotional strategies. Additionally, Awin’s commitment to providing a user-friendly experience ensures that brands can effortlessly navigate the platform, enabling them to quickly optimize their campaigns with real-time analytics and insights to achieve the desired results.

The Awin partner ecosystem allows brands to confidently escape exorbitant models through its AI-powered Partner Discovery tool, which facilitates quick discovery and selection from over 1 million affiliate partners that align with their marketing goals. By harnessing the potential of this vast network, brands can develop valuable partnerships that drive quality traffic and generate increased revenue at a fraction of traditional marketing costs. Furthermore, the Partner Discovery tool enables businesses to optimize their campaigns by continuously adapting and targeting the right partners to reach their desired audience effectively.

Data-Driven Insights

Brands can also conveniently assess the value and influence of their investments utilizing new comprehensive funnel and journey path reports, enabling them to understand how customers locate them online. Moreover, robust sector benchmarking demonstrates how brands compare to rivals. This data-driven approach ultimately contributes to more informed decision-making and strategic planning, thus increasing the likelihood of achieving desired outcomes. In addition, these insights can help brands identify growth opportunities and areas for improvement, ultimately driving their competitive edge in the market.

Custom Incentives and KPIs

With the addition of new data points and adaptable compensation models, brands can develop custom incentives that concentrate solely on the most valuable marketing actions, ensuring cost-effectiveness. In order to achieve this, companies should utilize advanced analytics to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are most relevant to their specific marketing goals. By aligning these KPIs with tailored incentive plans, brands can optimize their marketing spend and drive desired outcomes more efficiently.

Awin’s Value and Results

By constructing their affiliate programs with Awin, brands can generate highly-focused marketing value, yielding a 14:1 return on their advertising investment. Awin’s platform streamlines this process by providing access to a vast network of influential publishers, enabling brands to target and engage their desired audience effectively. As a result, this partnership not only boosts brand visibility but also significantly drives sales, making Awin an indispensable asset in the world of affiliate marketing.

CEO Statement

Adam Ross, Awin’s CEO, stated, “Choice, control, and customization are crucial to establishing mutually advantageous and enduring relationships in any business, particularly in digital marketing. Understanding and catering to the specific needs and preferences of clients ensures an effective collaboration, leading to greater success in their marketing campaigns. As a result, both parties can benefit from increased growth and strengthened partnerships in the long term.”


Awin’s partner ecosystem assists ecommerce brands in eliminating industry silos, complicated integrations, and reckless spending to create their own advertising ecosystems that effortlessly scale based on individual requirements. We’re thrilled to help clients regain control of their marketing, offering them the autonomy to grow their own way.”By leveraging Awin’s extensive network, businesses can now access valuable resources, tools, and insights, while forming strategic partnerships that drive measurable results. This bespoke approach not only optimizes marketing investments, but also promotes a more tailored and collaborative experience tailored to each brand’s unique objectives and goals.


What challenges do brands face in the current advertising landscape?

Brands face challenges like market dominance by major tech companies, escalating costs, limited control over investments, and a lack of transparency in programmatic ad spending. These issues make it difficult for companies to optimize their advertising strategies and achieve desired results.

How does Awin’s platform address these challenges?

Awin provides a comprehensive suite of tools that enable ecommerce brands to design and execute efficient advertising campaigns while maintaining full control of their marketing strategies. Their platform offers real-time analytics and insights, a vast network of affiliate partners, and customizable compensation models, allowing brands to optimize their advertising investments.

What is the Partner Discovery Tool?

Awin’s Partner Discovery Tool is an AI-powered tool that enables brands to quickly discover and select from over 1 million affiliate partners that align with their marketing goals. This network helps drive quality traffic and generate increased revenue at a fraction of traditional marketing costs.

How do data-driven insights improve advertising effectiveness?

By offering comprehensive funnel and journey path reports, sector benchmarking, and advanced analytics, Awin’s platform allows brands to make informed decisions and strategic planning. These data-driven insights help identify growth opportunities, areas for improvement, and measure the value of marketing investments, ultimately leading to better performance and competitive advantage.

How can brands generate custom incentives and KPIs with Awin?

Brands can use Awin’s new data points and adaptable compensation models to develop custom incentives that concentrate on the most valuable marketing actions, ensuring cost-effectiveness. Advanced analytics help identify relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) to align with tailored incentive plans, optimizing marketing spend and driving desired outcomes more efficiently.

What results can brands expect by using Awin’s platform?

Brands using Awin’s platform can expect a 14:1 return on their advertising investment. With access to a vast network of influential publishers, brands can effectively target and engage their desired audience, boosting brand visibility and driving sales.

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