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Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Tennessee Businesses

When it comes to running a small business in 2023, those operating in physical spaces are beginning to rethink their online presence while new startups are entering more diverse niches. No matter what a new business looks like or how it’s run, there’s one thing that can boost opportunities and all but ensure success – and that’s social media marketing.

Why is social media marketing so important for Tennessee small businesses?

Without the right digital strategy, Tennessee businesses are quickly falling behind the competition, and as they’re often not simply competing with local providers, but instead individuals and companies that function from all over the world, it can be extremely important to be seen and have brand messages heard. Social media platforms have the unique ability to connect audiences with the things they want to buy, and it’s no secret that nothing short of a targeted yet diverse social media marketing campaign will do for the modern consumer.

Top tips for social media marketing

Maximize audience engagement

While this may seem like an obvious thing to do when curating any type of marketing strategy, the modern consumer is now looking for something entirely different in 2023. Small businesses will still want to do research to reach the right audiences and implement a targeted campaign, but there should be an element of diversity so that engagement can be promoted across channels. For example, market research for specific niches may show that a well-curated social media feed will have the most engagement, but as more and more businesses are seeing an increase in click-throughs when adding videos to their efforts, it quickly becomes apparent that not utilizing these could be detrimental when maximizing potential. As it’s so simple to create videos using the high-powered AI software provided by CapCut and upload them to the right parameters with tools like the YouTube video editor, there’s no excuse for small Tennessee businesses not to diversify their content.

Curate the right content

Just a decade ago, content was king, and websites and blogs were the top way to reach consumers. This hasn’t been the case for quite some time now, although these do still have capabilities, but there has certainly been a change in sentiment with the rise of the social influencer. Consumers now want a more personal approach when interacting with the products and services on offer, and those that have a trusted social presence and share their reviews and opinions are functioning better than larger businesses that are maintaining and more corporate marketing front. This means that it’s a fantastic idea for small business owners to get in front of the camera and share content that has a behind-the-scenes feel. Again, this doesn’t have to be difficult when using CapCut, as its video stabilization tool can take hand-filmed or even drone footage and minimize movement distortion for high quality videos without having to hire a professional or use complicated online editors that can take some time to learn.

Key takeaways

While the internet offers a wealth of opportunities, it has also opened up global markets, so many small businesses in Tennessee will find that there are far more competitors offering the same products and services than there were just five years ago. This means that the right social media marketing campaign will make all the difference in 2023.